Sunny Fields Renewable Energy

Sunny Fields Renewable Energy is a proposed solar and energy storage project that will provide a new source of American-made energy to the grid and provide additional long-term revenue for Armstrong and Indiana Counties. Over the life of the project, it will bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue which directly benefits the taxpayers, community, and local schools.

Our path forward

Armstrong and Indiana Counties have a deep history of developing and producing energy, and solar generation can be part of this rich tradition. By harvesting the sun’s energy, the community will realize additional benefits, including new, long-term tax revenue for the local government, a diversified income stream for landowners, and additional resources for schools and community members.

a stronger economy

Sunny Fields Renewable Energy will provide millions of dollars in tax revenue for the local government over the life of the project. It will also provide essential infrastructure and support the community during construction, aim to hire workers and support local businesses when feasible, and provide long-term jobs to maintain the facility. Furthermore, allowing landowners to lease their private land to the project will help to preserve farm ground for generations to come.

preserve open land

Producing energy is part of Pennsylvania’s culture, especially in Indiana and Armstrong Counties. Learn more about how Sunny Fields Renewable Energy will help preserve this legacy and maintain the land by keeping locally owned land intact for future generations.


Sunny Fields Renewable Energy is a proposed project by Vesper Energy, a U.S. -based renewable energy company that partners with local landowners and communities to develop and operate solar and energy storage projects across the country.

The Vesper Energy team has successfully commercialized more than 680 MW of renewable energy projects in the U.S. and is currently developing similar projects in Pennsylvania, as well as throughout the East Coast and Midwest. We have a reliable history of partnering with local communities and we stand by our commitment to being a good neighbor in Armstrong & Indiana Counties. To learn more about Vesper Energy, click here.


Support your community by supporting new jobs, millions of dollars added to the economy, locally harvested energy adding to the energy grid, and a new steady income stream for community landowners.